Sunday, July 15, 2018

In Memory of...

We will remember Max living for Christ in the little ways.
He has always made people feel welcome just with his BIG smile.
The church was filled at his funeral.  How beautiful  so many people's lives that he touched. 

The tables had these signs on all of them at the reception after the funeral

Moms remembering Max wearing Moustaches

A friend joins in
Peanut too!

A foundation set up in his honor

Saturday, July 14, 2018

July 4th Family Time in New Orleans - July 4th 2018

On our way to New Orleans after getting Tink in Baton Rouge for July 4th family party

Meemaw is dressed for the holiday

The boys are enjoying the day 

The girls play a fun game!

Where is Waldo? - Only Fake people are in the Frame.  B needs someone to put real pics in there.  I so, understand!

Generational Truck!  New to J but it was owned by his 2 cousins before he bought it
Proud of him.  He bought with his savings. 

Not Sure what that is he is holding

End of the night is now complete - we are playing Kitty (Michigan Rummy)
Meemaw is happy.  She will be VERY happy later as she beat everyone at the end of the night

Back to Baton Rouge!

Friday, February 21, 2014

First Confession

Peanut had his First Confession this month at St. Anthony of Padua. So proud of him!
As Catholics, it's an important day! Peanut couldn't wait until he went to his first confession.

After, he wanted to spend time in church with Jesus in the tabernacle.

We, then prayed to Mary in front of her statue. Peanut has a special devotion to our Blessed Mother.
He always wants to visit the garden in between the Adoration chapel and the church. So, of course on this special day, he wanted to spend time there.
He calls it Jesus's garden.
I felt blessed to share this day with him. While in the garden reflecting, I thought... This is the way it's supposed to be for us



Sunday, February 2, 2014

New starts

Goodbye to our old van. We will miss it.

Jim saw an email that our good friends needed to buy a car. After some discussion, we decided we wanted share our blessings so we sold our van for a good price. I admit I was caught off guard and was not ready to get a new vehicle. But, I do love that my husband was so generous and was thinking of others.


Here is the new van. Peanut calls it his dream car.

J and C are getting an upgrade and We were certainly blessed in return. It has a few fun features. I really like the trunk release and the back up camera. Oh! It has audio Bluetooth for my phone. Yay!

Can't wait to see what God has intended for us and our new van! I think I hear a road trip being planned.:)


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Monday, May 28, 2012

Golden Birthday...7 on the 7th! In St Louis

When we asked... What do you want for your birthday.? He said "St Louis with Grandma and 
he added "Grandpa and the St Louis family".

So off we went to St Louis to celebrate his 7 on the 7th

GOLDEN decorations for a golden birthday


The birthday boy picked out the decorations himself.     


He loves to play Angry Birds & Angry Bird Rio & Angry Bird Space and any other Angry bird relative he can find :)
Where there is a party, there is a PARTY HAT!

His sweet cousin didn't want to miss the party

The candles:  Try
And try again!


Everyone had lots of fun
The adults played Trivial Pursuit
And the kids played their game

Some of the Party Guests: Aunts and cousins
Party is over now but he doesn't want it to end
Happy dad and Dad's sister

Mommy loves her lil guy...... Happy Golden Birthday