Wednesday, December 29, 2010

December in St Louis, 2010

There was snow when we arrived! Christopher tried to make a snowman. It is small but

Christmas Time in St Louis


Saturday, December 25, 2010

The way its supposed to be....Christmas 2010

It was just the way it was supposed to be. .... lots of family time, joyful hearts and love for the Lord

This is our second year at home for Christmas.... I was afraid we would not have any traditions but realized we do have some from last year.......
Reading Twas the night before Christmas, going to Mass, baking cookies, and watching Christmas movies. Peanut stayed up late watching the movies and Mom & Dad were up even later with Santa, of course. Christmas started off with everyone sleeping late. What a nice surprise. It was awesome. Definitelty a blessing to mom and Dad that Peanut did not get up early.

Christmas morning.....

3 presents from Santa

1- Tinkerbell, Tinkerbell, Tinkerbell.

This year that is all peanut asked for, a Tinkerbell from Santa. He just loves Tink and her pixie dust.

I must say, at first, this bothered me. I thought "He really needs boy things". But after talking to my BF about it, I decided Santa could get TinkerBell and her Fairy friends.
2- But Santa would also get as BF recommended, other figurines, Toy Story 2 and 3 with a DVD from Toy story 3. The figurines were put in this book bag so he can carry his figures around and travel with them. I liked this idea because that is more of a typical boy theme.

3- The Castle

She also suggested a castle. Not a fairy castle but a knight's castle. This was a great idea. Santa found this one and he loved it. I was so glad.

Of course, the knight castle was taken over by the fairies. :)

Everyday he would get up to check to see if there were presents under the tree. He said he was looking for Tinkerbell from Santa. Now he gets up everyday and checks to make sure Tinkerbell is in her castle. haha. He is too funny

My mama from Nawlins, sent some presents when I was in New Orleans, a portable car toy and a tent.

It was the perfect day. We ate a late breakfast. Peanut played with fairies and the castle. We watched 2 Tinkerbell movies that we rented and had a Christmas dinner. He didn't play with the Toy story figures yet. But thats the way it was supposed to be......Thank you Jesus for the Blessings of your birthday.