Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Monday, May 28, 2012

Golden Birthday...7 on the 7th! In St Louis

When we asked... What do you want for your birthday.? He said "St Louis with Grandma and 
he added "Grandpa and the St Louis family".

So off we went to St Louis to celebrate his 7 on the 7th

GOLDEN decorations for a golden birthday


The birthday boy picked out the decorations himself.     


He loves to play Angry Birds & Angry Bird Rio & Angry Bird Space and any other Angry bird relative he can find :)
Where there is a party, there is a PARTY HAT!

His sweet cousin didn't want to miss the party

The candles:  Try
And try again!


Everyone had lots of fun
The adults played Trivial Pursuit
And the kids played their game

Some of the Party Guests: Aunts and cousins
Party is over now but he doesn't want it to end
Happy dad and Dad's sister

Mommy loves her lil guy...... Happy Golden Birthday

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas in New Orleans 2011

We love to be around lots of family so we headed to New Orleans this year for Christmas. 

Its tradition with my sister's family to go to Mass in New Orleans on Christmas Eve and then head to Baton Rouge for a Christmas Eve party.   This is our family picture. 

At Christmas Eve mass, BB sang in the choir.  This will be her last year in the choir at church.BB loves to sing. She sings so beautifully.  She was chosen for a solo performance later this year with the beta club at her school.

BB and her music teacher.  Beautiful smiles.

S is a good friend I met through premier designs.  She was one of my new orleans hostesses.  

I really enjoyed her and her family over the years.  Her mom and sister are close to S.   It was good to see them all again.

After Christmas mass, the family traditionally goes to Baton Rouge for a Christmas party with my parents, Meemaw and papa. There were chicken strips for the kids and finger sandwiches for the adults.   After eating, we all had a gift exchange.  That was fun. Especially, after C teamed up with her son to steal a barrel of popcorn from BB, too funny.  Then I stole a Fleur de Lis wind chime from Jan.  

The next morning after a big breakfast, we opened Santa gifts.  Christopher was told to look for all the Presents marked with a C because Santa forgot to put his name on his presents.    

Christopher gets 3 presents from Santa.  This one was lightning McQueen play dough, a scooter 

and a scooby do wii game.

Christopher really liked opening presents with other kids...
After Santa, my brother, and his kids join us for another gift exchange
My brother, above and his 2 sons

Cash is always popular!
Twin's son                                 

Sista C and her son, B.