Friday, February 21, 2014

First Confession

Peanut had his First Confession this month at St. Anthony of Padua. So proud of him!
As Catholics, it's an important day! Peanut couldn't wait until he went to his first confession.

After, he wanted to spend time in church with Jesus in the tabernacle.

We, then prayed to Mary in front of her statue. Peanut has a special devotion to our Blessed Mother.
He always wants to visit the garden in between the Adoration chapel and the church. So, of course on this special day, he wanted to spend time there.
He calls it Jesus's garden.
I felt blessed to share this day with him. While in the garden reflecting, I thought... This is the way it's supposed to be for us





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Neen said...

What a beautiful day! Your post is wonderful! Congrats to Peanut.